Wednesday, September 1, 2010

September 1st Round-Up! What we Forged in the August Heat..

Yeah, it has been hot! But that does not stop our intrepid Forgers - just look at what everyone made this month - great forging!


Ap269 made some glorious cultured butter and fell madly in love with fresh buttermilk.

And she also made some homemade cottage cheese with Tuscan herbs, yum!

And, on a roll, Ap269 also made some delicate Brousse - and check out the delicious potato cakes on her post!

Poppyseed took a break from her peach-fest to make creamy yogurt cheese. Beautiful!

My partner in crime, Heather, made three delicious variations of the cultured butter.

Elizabeth made yogurt cheese to go with her delicious grape pie and it is making me very hungry.

Try, try, again - Ree made some gorgeous feta!

Lexi made garlic bread with her homemade cultured butter!

Foodycat delighted us with fresh cultured butter on homemade cherry and buttermilk scones.

I (Natashya) loved the whole cultured butter making experience!

Rebecca made homemade cultured butter, and came up with inventive ways to agitate the cream!

Veena made some delicious oregano cultured butter for her daughter.

Thanks, everyone, for forging with us, can't wait for September's challenge!

*A note*

It occurs to us Forging Fromage Folk that now that we have the super-handy-way-cool-linky-with-photo .. that the monthly round-up is a little redundant. Let's let the linky do the work for us, so we can spend more time drinking eating forging!



girlichef said... bout EATING, DRINKING, AND FORGING ;-P ! LOL...everybody did a fabulous job forging this glad so many people are joining in! Great roundup partner =)

Pam said...

As soon as all my kitchen, floor, countertop stuff is all done, I'm doing something cheesy.

Terrianne, Call me Ree said...

Yay! Wow, everyone did such a wonderful job. I can't wait to try the other cheeses that have been forged so far. =)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the roundup, Natashya!!!

Foodycat said...

Lovely round up! I am still jealous as all get out of Heather's truffle salt!

Elizabeth said...

That is a very fine display of butter and cheeses!! Thank you for including my yoghurt cheese.

(Love the photo of the smiling dog!!)