Sunday, September 27, 2009

Let them make cheese!

I'm having an affair. A hot, steamy, lusty affair. Just the thought of it starts the craving all over again...the longing...the need. I should have known it would happen sooner or later, because I've always held a secret desire for 'C'. A long-term crush, if you will. It started when I was just a shy, soft-spoken little girl. I would see 'C'...and I would feel a little rush. When I was able to spend time with 'C', was like heaven. Luckily, 'C' was never very far. Through all of the moves in elementary, middle and high school; at college. Both times. Although, much more visible the second time around. And you cannot even imagine what a comfort that was! I have fallen for many versions of 'C' over the years. Some were better looking than others. Some smelled better than others. Some were more colorful than others. But they were all dreamy in their own little ways.

Many years have past since I first fell for 'C'. I actually married and had kids, but 'C' stuck by my side through it all. And how amazing is it to have your whole family be supportive of that never-ending love!? I mean, this affair is carried out on a daily basis...IN MY OWN HOME! Yes, my love affair with CHEESE is a lifelong one that will endure!! Since I began making cheese at home, my affection has never wavered, even through the ups & downs, the twists & turns...nothing good comes easy. Right?

This brings me to my point. Yes, there was a point. I ADORE MAKING HOMEMADE CHEESE. I ADORE EATING HOMEMADE CHEESE. Won't you join me?

This blog is dedicated to all things cheesy...and our home kitchens!!! Let's make cheese in our home kitchens...and share the experiences and trials and successes and failures HERE! Each month a new cheese will be announced. You may use any recipe you wish to make this cheese. Make your cheese and document your thoughts, observations and findings...take photos if you wish. Then write a post about it on your blog linking back to forging fromage. Email me the URL to that specific post...and attach a photo and anything else you'd like and I'll round-up all of our posts at the end of each month. I will post the name of the specific month's Adventure in Cheese and the due date on the sidebar. Round-ups will be posted sometime during the first week of the following month. All entries should be mailed to forgingfromage at live dot com. Please enter forging fromage entry + name of month in subject line when submitting.
Are you ready to be seduced by cheese? Please join me and take a chance! No judging...I am a beginner, myself. I hope to learn through trial and error...mine and yours! I say we start with some of the easier cheeses (like fresh ones) and gradually work our way towards the ones that take more care and nurturing. There are no "requirements" other than the entry requirements listed above. You do not have to participate every month. Your cheese does not have to turn out well to be included...we want the nitty gritty here!
I will be adding more helpful links to the sidebar as I find them. Places to find cheese making supplies, sites dedicated to cheese, etc. If you have a cheesy idea you'd like to post about here on forging fromage...let me know!! Guest posters are encouraged, because I definitely think many points of view will work to our benefit. We may even feature some cheesy recipes and cheesy-pairings...anything to further the love affair!
So, grab a button if you wish...and stay tuned for the announcement of our first Adventure in Cheese...coming soon!